Woody Paul Petrea, that’s me, is currently in Battambang, Cambodia, and have been since November 2013. I first entered Cambodia on March 22nd, 2012. I resided in Sihanoukville for about 1.5 years, prior to relocating to Battambang City, located in a province in Northwestern Cambodia. Since June of 2016, I have had a yearly lease on the first apartment of the building indicated, where the BOLD RED X is affixed to the following map:



When I am not at the apartment in the city, I am at the farm, located in the village of Snueng (Alternate Spelling: Snoeng).


Folks, immediately below is Evan Iliadis, internet troll. He is a scum bag who has attempted to ruin many good peoples' lives, because he doesn't have one of his own. The cowardice piece of sh*t can never ruin mine.



So, Evan Iliadis (and anyone else who thinks I am in hiding), if any police, "Feds", or anyone from any government agency from around the globe, or if anyone is seeking me (Woody Paul Petrea) for any reason at all, I can be found "hiding out" and nervously waiting under my bed for you to come get me, in Battambang, Cambodia. If you are unable to find me by the map, let me know and I will give you my mailing address, zip code and cell phone number, along with my GPS coordinates. Evan, if you still are unable to locate me, give me a call once you are in Battambang, and I will send my driver to fetch you to bring you to my location. Alternatively, I will be happy to ring you on the phone, as you are too blind or too ignorant to read - or, apparently, too stupid to navigate by the maps and information I have provided here.


For anyone else who thinks Woody Paul Petrea (with or without the "Sr.") is wanted by any federal, state, or local law enforcement anywhere in the world, go find something else better to do with your time. Or send them to Battambang for hot tea and biscuits. At least that would give them something worthwhile to do with their time, rather than wasting their valuable time by reading your "ignorant and insane cyber stalker blog" rumors, misinformation and lies, you stupid c*nt.


Folks, you want to know something truly sad? That dumb schmuck - yes, Evan Iliadis thought I was "hiding" in the Philippines - for several months (until August 2012) after I left the country (January 21st, 2012), supposedly having been a "wanted" criminal there.


Get this. By the time he (yep, the same moron, Evan Iliadis) finally figured it out that I was no longer in the Philippines, I had already been to four (4) countries! His reconnaissance and detective skills really need some major work. What an idiot he is. I wonder if his parents had any children with an IQ over 50?


Anyway, after numerous months, and after repeated posts on various online forums, he (yep, Evan Iliadis) finally sorted out that I had truly left the Philippines.


It gets better.


At that point, he, yes, the schmuck - Evan Iliadis, took credit for me leaving. LOL. What a complete idiot. (I had made many statements online stating that I had left the Philippines. He was just too stupid to understand them.)


I had posted that I would leave Thailand in May (2012), and head over to Cambodia for a while. He posted garbage that he had taken the liberty to inform the officials of Cambodia, and that I would be stopped at the border. What would I have been stopped for, Evan? I will tell you why I was stopped. I was stopped for the same reason everyone else is stopped for when entering Cambodia. That is because an official either needs to check or issue your visa at the Cambodian Immigration Office - as you enter the country!


By the way, I have left Cambodia twice since residing here. November of 2014, I flew back to the USA for three and a half months. And, in June 2015, I visited Thailand overnight. Both trips were using the same travel document that Evan claims is my "illegal" passport. Unfortunately for him, I have since applied for, and received, a new passport. This was issued through the US Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


Now that his grand plan has failed (the one where I am wanted in x number of countries and all, and that I would be stopped and detained at the border upon entry into Cambodia - because of his due diligence in reporting such a high–profile criminal as myself), the dumb schmuck has tried to convince others that I am "hiding out" in Cambodia. Um, what happened to me being detained at the border, Evan?


I don't think I have ever had anyone who was so obsessed with me, in my entire life. I tell you, to be honest, I love the attention I am getting from it. You see, while he is focusing his entire life on me and what I am doing - well, I am just living my life and enjoying being alive.


I'm sitting here, correction – laying here in a hammock, drinking fresh coconut juice, while his dumb ass is sitting in the South of France, working as hard as he can to create nothing but lies and misinformation. What's worse is, his wife ended up leaving him, because he was so obsessed with me, and others, on the internet.


It's truly sad that someone must be so bored with their meaningless life, that they must live through trying to destroy others'. The thing he doesn't realize here is, I simply don't care. In fact, this is the first, last, and only webpage that I ever will devote (READ: waste my time writing) for the benefit of Evan Iliadis. You see, I have much better things to do with my life than worry about what others are doing with theirs.


If for any reason anyone reading this still doesn't believe me, please check the Interpol website. If I were such a high-profile criminal as this moron believes me to be, I would surely be on there somewhere, would I not? While you are at it, look at the FBI's Most Wanted as well, if that floats your boat. Now, take a moment and look up "Cyber Stalker" and you will see exactly what Evan is.


Anyway, please follow the map (above) to my place, and I will happily invite you in for soft drinks, tea, and biscuits. Evan, I do hope, so very much, that you come here. Please, PLEASE do come, Evan.


Oh, I almost forgot. Evan was so unsure of himself, that he rang me up while I was still in Thailand. He didn't believe I was there, after I had repeatedly stated that I was. What an idiot - and one who needs some serious psychological help. I do hope he gets it before he hurts someone close to him.


Evan Iliadis, if you are going to be a good cyber stalker, please, at least try to get your lies and misinformation straight. You are, quite obviously, not very good at it. That is, you suck at tracing people down, at keeping up with their activities, whether off line or on, and in keeping up with the changes going on in their lives.



Woody Paul Petrea

Updated: August / 2018